The Ferris Zoning Ordinance is a set of regualtions seperate from the Code of Ordinances.  These regulations set zoning districts (such as residential and commercial), define allowable uses in those districts, and regulate building lines, signs, and other development-related factors.

Zoning Ordinance

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Article 7 - Message Board Signs


Zoning Map

The zoning map provided here has been created by City staff as a representation of the official Ferris zoning map adopted by the Ferris City Council.  Though staff has made every effort to make this map as accurate as possible, no assumptions or decisions should be made until the official zoning map has been reviewed.  The official zoning map is available for review between 8:00am and 5:00pm, Monday through Friday at Ferris City Hall located at 100 Town Plaza, Ferris, Texas 75125.   

Zoning Districts Map

Zoning Overlay Districts Map