Febrary 7th, 2017

Westside Memorial Cemetery

January 20th, 2017

Press Release 1-20-2017 - Chlorine Levels in the city water supply





1/20/2017 - Concerning Chlorine Levels

            The City of Ferris has identified and corrected a problem with the City’s water treatment system.  The water had a strong smell of chlorine said Bill Jordan Ferris City Manager.  Chlorine is used to treat the City’s water, and must be maintained at a minimum level throughout the system to ensure water safety.  We were notified around 8am this morning that there was a smell of chlorine in the water; we immediately checked our wells and found that the chlorinator had malfunctioned at the Downtown Well. Said Scott Metcalfe Ferris Community Development Director.  After finding this we isolated the water at the well and flushed the system to remove any excessive amount of chlorine from the water lines, said Metcalfe.   All water chlorine levels have been restored to normal conditions as of 9:30am this morning.  This malfunction has unfortunately come at the same time we are issuing notifications about fluoride levels; leading to some confusion said Jordan.  The fluoride and chlorine levels are two separate issues.  You will not experience a strong taste or smell issue with fluoride.  Water customers can expect the strong chlorine odor to be completely gone within 24 hours, however, until the fluoride levels are reduced customers should still seek alternative water sources for drinking or cooking for children under 9 years of age.  Any questions about the City’s water quality should be directed to the City of Ferris at 972-544-2110 or 972-842-2752.                                  

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Press Release 1-20-2017 - Fluoride levels in the public water supply




1/20/2017 - Concerning Fluoride Levels


The City of Ferris, Texas and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) have determined that the fluoride levels in the public water supply exceed the maximum allowed amount of 4 ml/L.  Based on the average results of routine tests conducted on water samples collected by City contractors from the Ferris Public Water System, TCEQ has calculated the average fluoride level to be 4.1 mg/L.  The rise in fluoride levels is not a result of a failure in the operation of the Ferris water system.  Fluoride is not an additive in Ferris’ water supply, but is naturally occurring in water obtained from the City’s water wells.  Ferris has seen a rise in natural fluoride levels over the last year and is diligently working on a permanent solution to the problem.  While the test results are only 0.1 mg/L. over the maximum allowed threshold, Ferris does take these results seriously, said Bill Jordan, City Manager for the City of Ferris.  We were already working toward an alternative water source when these results came in, Jordan said.  Ferris is currently in talks to have an additional treated-water connection with Rockett Special Utility District.  This additional connection would allow Ferris to take up to 750,000 gallons per day.  This would provide more water than Ferris currently uses.  Rockett receives their raw water from reservoirs and is not being affected by the fluoride increase.  In the meantime, Ferris is working with TCEQ to find a short-term solution.  Ferris’ water department has been in direct contact with TCEQ’s Response and Capacity Development Team to request assistance in this matter.  Until the fluoride levels have subsided, an alternate source of water for cooking and drinking should be provided to children less than nine years old.  Any questions about the City’s water quality should be directed to the City of Ferris at 972-842-2752.                                                  


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September 16, 2016


For Immediate Release

Annual Temporary Water Disinfectant Conversion

Friday, September 16, 2016

Rockett Special Utility District (S.U.D.) has scheduled its annual temporary disinfectant conversion to begin October 1, 2016 and run through October 31, 2016.  Some Ferris residents may detect a slightly different taste and smell in their water during this time, as Ferris does obtain some of its water from Rockett.  This is an annual process to reduce “the levels of disinfection byproducts (DBPs) in the system, while still providing protection from waterborne disease”. 

According Rockett S.U.D.:

“The change to chloramines can cause problems to persons dependent on dialysis machines (and) if you have a fish tank, please make sure that the chemicals or filters that you are using are designed for use in water that has been treated with chloramines.


Some may notice a slight difference in taste, but please be assured that the superior quality and safety of Ferris drinking water will not be affected. Residents with questions or concerns should visit our FAQ page or contact our office at (972) 617-3524.”


July 27th, 2016


For Immediate Release

For more information contact:

City of Ferris

Phone: 972/544-2110

City Manager, Carl O. Sherman Announces Resignation

Ferris, Texas: Wednesday, July 27, 2016 - Ferris’ city manager Carl Sherman announced Tuesday he’ll be stepping down as city manager August 19, 2016 to accept the city manager positon in the City of Hutchins.  “We have made incredible progress under Carl’s management and the city is positioned for continued improvements, so his successor will have a solid lead-up,” Mayor Driggars said.  “By making this announcement now, approximately 4 weeks before his last day it was his intent to provide the city council with adequate time to identify a successor as we work through a smooth transition to keep the city on track for growth, stated Mayor Driggars”

In the interest of positioning Ferris for future quality growth, Sherman announced earlier to the Mayor and Council that after several months of direct negotiations and lobbying efforts made to Time Warner management on behalf of the city of Ferris that he was proud to report, Ferris is scheduled to have high speed internet service and cable TV by the end of first quarter of 2017. Time Warner and Charter will under the new company Spectrum, invest an estimated $1.5 million dollars to install these service for Ferris residence.  Mayor Driggars commented, “The City of Ferris appreciates the hard work Carl has performed for the City over the past year.  Carl has made significant contributions to Ferris and under his management the city has improved significantly.  As a fellow yellow jacket we were fortunate to have him and wish him the best of luck in his new endeavors.”  Sherman responded, “I have a personal commitment to continue working hard to finish strong in Ferris. As I leave my assignment in Ferris to take on this new appointment in Hutchins, I leave with mix feelings because I will miss the fortune of reporting to an incredibly insightful and selfless servant leader, Mayor Driggars, an extremely active Council, employees that give so much of themselves to serve the great community of Ferris and the beautiful people of Ferris, stated Sherman” The Mayor and City Council will begin the process of a search to find a new city manager over the next few weeks.


September 1st, 2015


August 27th, 2015

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June 13th, 2014


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January 30th, 2014

FERRIS MAIN STREET Receives National Recognition for the 3rd consecutive year! 

January 11th, 2014

Ferris to Conducted Alley Park Survey 

August 6th, 2013


January 30, 2013

FERRIS MAIN STREET Receives National Recognition Again

August 16th, 2012

Press Release and the Mayor's Proclamation Declaring a Local State of disaster due to West Nile Virus.

March 19th, 2012

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February 27th, 2012

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November 2nd, 2011

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December 7th, 2010

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